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Digraphs | Phonics Song for Children | Phonemic Awareness | Jack Hartmann

Blends And Digraphs

Learn about digraphs. Digraphs have two letters that make one sound. Learn about the digraphs: sh, th, ch, ph and wh. Digraphs is a fun song which explains that digraphs have two letters but make one sound. We sound out the individual letters separately and then together to show how the sound...

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Blends Song | Letter Blends | Consonant Blends | Two Letters that Work Together | Jack Hartmann

Blends And Digraphs

Two Letters That Work Together: This video and song demonstrates how two consonant letters work together to form an initial consonant blend. I say each consonant letter sound and then blend them together to form the initial consonant blend. As I make the consonant bl...

Tags: blends jack hartmann,blends,two letters that wo...

Learn To Blend - Consonant Blends Chant by ELF Learning - ELF Kids Videos

Blends And Digraphs

Practice consonant blends with this funky blends chant by ELF Learning. This is the original Consonant Blends Chant by ELF Learning. See the updated version here: ---------- Common Consonant Blends set to a jazzy beat. ELF Learning creates learning mat...

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