Mic Impedance Transformer

Price List & Price Comparison - Mic Impedance Transformer at Evrdaily.com
Shure A85F Transformer; Low Z, Female XLR to High Z 1/4-Inch Phone Plug
CP8201 Microphone Impedance Matching Transformer
Audix T-50K Inline Impedance Matching Transformer
Pilot USA PA 88 Military To Dual GA Impedance Adapter
Audio2000's Acc3100 1/4" Ts to XLR Impedance Matching Transformer
Performance Plus MCT-1S High Z to Low Z Switchable Transformer Microphone Cable, 1/4" Male to XLR Female
Whirlwind Little IMP
RadioShack 1/4 Inch Jack-to-A3M XLR Plug Adapter/Transformer
Sescom SES-AES-EBU-Y Impedance Matching AES/EBU XLR Y-Splitter Cable
Hosa MIT176 Impedance Transformer XLR3F to 1/4 Inch TS