Single Flare Flesh Tunnels

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6 Pairs Surgical Stainless Steel Single Flare Tunnels Flesh Plugs Expander Ear Gauges with Silicone O-Rings (Gauge=6g(4mm))
EG GIFTS Stainless Steel Single Flare Tunnel Plugs with O Ring -7/16 Inch (11mm)
BodyJ4You Ear Tunnel Plugs Single Flare Gauges 6G 4MM Light Blue Flesh Earrings Stretching Jewelry
Antiqued Brass Tribal Lotus Flower Single Flare Flesh Tunnel Ear Gauge Plug Stretcher Stretching Kit 00g 10mm
Longbeauty 6 Pair Stainless Steel Screwe Flesh Tunnel Expander Eer Plug Gauge Earlets 6 Colors 3MM
BIG GAUGES 2 Pairs Black Acrylic Taper Expander 00 g 10 mm Steel Single Flare Flesh Tunnel Piercing Stretching Earring Ear Plugs BG5461
2 Pairs Black Acrylic Taper Expander Gauges 12 mm Anodized Single Flare Flesh Tunnel Piercing Stretcher Ear Lobe Plugs BG5518
BIG GAUGES Pair Surgical Steel 0g Gauge 8mm Single Flared Piercing Jewelry Earring Stretcher Plug Tunnel Lobe BG0062
BodyJ4You Tunnel Big Gauge Plugs 3/4" Inch Steel Single Flared Flesh Tunnels 3/4" Gauge 20mm - 2 Pieces
Pierced Art Trends Diamond-Shape Organic Stone Ear Gauges Flesh Tunnel and Plug Single Flare Ear Stretcher Expander 2g-5/8 (Color-Stone, Gauge=1/2"(12mm))
D&M Jewelry 4 Pairs Stainless Steel Double Twin Flare Flesh Tunnel Ear Plug Gauge 0g
BIG GAUGES Pair Jackfruit Wood 2g Gauge 6mm Single Flared O-Ring Piercing Jewelry Ear Flesh Tunnel Stretcher Earring Lobe BG1632
KUBOOZ 32pcs Set Mixed Stone Acrylic Glass Ear Plugs Tunnels Gauges Stretcher Piercings 2g
BodyJ4You 32PCS Gauge Plugs Tunnels 12mm Acrylic Single Flare Steel Screw Fit Ear Expander
Single Flare Clear Opalite Moonstone Ear Plugs and Tunnels with O-Ring Stretcher Expander Pair (5/8"(16mm))
Pair of Surgical Steel Single Flared Tunnel Plugs Sizes: 12GA to 2 Inch E1 Sold As a Pair (9/16" (14mm))
2PCS Stainless Steel 0g 8mm Single Flared Earring Stretcher Ear Tunnel Gauges Lobe Piercing Jewelry 1784
2pc 00g Black Tunnels Gauge Men Women Ear Expanders 10mm Flesh Ear Internally Threaded Screw Fit
Single Flare Rose Quartz Stone Plugs - 6g - 4mm - Sold As a Pair
Jovivi 6pc Mix-Color Gauges Set Stainless Steel Single Flared Ear Tunnels Plugs Stretcher Jewelry